Saturday, December 09, 2006

Stupid Human Tricks

Just got a new Performance Conditioning for Cycling newsletter put out by USA Cycling and Ken Kontor. There's a little article by Tudor Bompa regarding the foolishness that now abounds with focusing on "training stabilizers" or what I like to call "stupid human tricks." Vern G. has expounded on the topic as well, so I don't want to beat a dead horse, but it really comes down to this:

If you move well, you are training the movers and the stabilizers. If you move poorly, on the ground or on/in any other medium, you are not using the stabilizer muscles appropriately.

You don't need gadgets to work stabilizers. You need to teach the body to tune out the noise. You need supervision by someone who knows what's going on and who knows how to communicate to the athlete the means by which s/he can modify the movement. The athlete must first have awareness, then alignment, then mobility and then strength. With this healthy foundation, you can then teach the nervous system to build power, agility, endurance and success.


2 old 2 go slow said...

I read this post while drinking my morning coffee and kneeling on my swiss ball. If that's not a stupid human trick I don't know what is.

Pierre said...

I am very much enjoying your blog and your comments. I couldn't agree more!

Oddly enough it seems to be going further and further in the other direction.

The Iron Maven said...

Thanks, Pierre. I appreciate the compliment.