Thursday, August 30, 2007

FreFloDo: Here We Go Again

I think OK GO says it best. I leave you with the lyrics of "Here It Goes Again" to say it for me. Thanks, Wylie, for telling me about this latest "functional training" method.


Anonymous said...

Okay, I think I'm going to lose my mind. Is this for real? It almost seems like the news story is a satire on the current state of exercise gadgets.

If I see this infiltrate my local gym, I'm going to go crazy!

Psychologically, what is driving these crazy inventions? How about just a good old-fashioned barbell and some free weights and some sweat!

Anonymous said...


I was wondering...couldn't you do all the dribbling with the ball or MB on the ground?

Well, must really work...I am going to saw off the hand rails on my Woodway treadmill ;)


Anonymous said...

Man, I'm in the wrong business! I swear, the gazelle was my idea before that Tony Little guy stepped in. I do those moves in the airport all the time and let me tell you how "functional" it is. Another misused word in fitness. By the way, did they really install those so you could save 20 steps? And when is the last time boxers football players played on moving fields? Those were some of the most ridiculous moves I've ever seen. What a sad state of affairs.

brucas20 said...

Wow. It never fails the extent to which ignorance will go to be heard. If any of you couch potatoes posting here understood the first thing about athletic performance and fitness, you'd know that routine and complacency are the enemy of heightened performance and increased physical conditioning. This is why athletes and their coaches are always creating and looking for alternate means for improved performance. Dribbling a soccer ball on the ground does not require you to stay in motion when you're tired and exhausted. Lazy folks like you probably would stop, sit on a bench or quit altogether. This training system and the platform it utilizes demands that you adapt mentally AND physically to a dynamic environment no matter what your state. But I wouldn't expect novices to get that. When a football player or a knuckle-head blogger takes off at full speed down a field and stops moving their legs in a single instant the inertia would send them flying; well, this training environment would teach you how to cope with such forces so you don't wind up scheduling an appointement with a surgeon for an ACL tear or something worse! Conservatives should think before they post. Fre Flo Do is out of the box thinking. I love it!