Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Wacky Posture and Somatotype Ivy League "Science" Tale

Found this completely crazy story and image in a BoingBoing post by Mark Frauenfelder. Read the original story by Ron Rosenbuam from the January 15, 1995 New York Times Magazine. I find posture fascinating, but this takes the cake.

Who knew the origins of somatotype had such creepy roots in mid-20th century American social science and that all of these famous Americans were photographed nude as freshman entering Ivy League schools? Apparently the Smithsonian has since (1995) destroyed the remaining negatives and photos from the collection of William Sheldon's papers.

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Joe P. said...

We shouldn't be so shocked. Eugenics is alive & well today. Any person can walk into a clinic & choose the egg & sperm of their choice through a catalog. Even in our realm, there are guys who make a lot of money teaching posture courses. Placing athletes in front of a grid and asking them to squat. Get real. Asymmetry is the norm. Deal with it.