Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I Got a Question for My ATC/PT Homies

Who uses wall slides (wall squats with a swiss ball behind the back and a small ball between the knees) as a regular part of return to function/sport, LE strengthening exercise?

What aspects of this exercise make it useful in rehab? Is it particularly helpful with any specific dx or issue?

Why would you prefer it to a basic sit-to-stand or teaching someone a bodyweight squat?

Help a sistah out here!

(Personal trainer-types feel free to chime in!)


Jerimiah said...

I use it rarely and only in situations that I am not yet comfortable teaching the body weight squat. For instance I will sometimes use it on a total knee patient in the early stages, because it will allow them to "sit down" and put some steady body weight stretch on the knee that is often hard to achieve, especially when they have never been taught proper squatting form. I will always progress to free bodyweight squats once they hit consistantly between 90 and 100 degrees.

~The Mighty Kat~ said...

As a per. trainer, I've used this with a number of clients leaving physical therapy. It's one of the best low-risk, high-benefit options for multijoint lower-body exercises.

Who's it best for? Anyone who has any issues with spinal compression.

As a suggestion, I'd get that ball out from between the knees, tho. That's missing a significant bit of hip development that (esp. older women) need.

Enjoy this one!

Anonymous said...

It's not a bad exercise if you are trying to teach someone what it feels like to try and keep some bit of lumbar neutral/extension positioning during a squat. So many people really let their lumbar area flex a good bit during a squat. The ball just gives a bit of kinesthetic cue for keeping some spinal extension (or at least to avoid flexing the spine), during a squat. S :)

The Iron Maven said...

Thanks for your input, Jeremiah, Kat and Sandy! I appreciate it.