Sunday, September 16, 2007

Tour of MO in STL

David Canada's bike! Even pros have to visit the porta-potty before the race!
Toyota-United dudes waving from their motorhome!
Discovery finally arrives in the team parking lot.
George Hincapie is mobbed outside the Discovery motorhome.

This image is just down from the start/finish on Market Street. It was a magical day for anyone who rides a bike and appreciates the sport of cycling. Who'd have dreamed this would be here, just a few years ago? We wished David Canada good luck after he hit the porta potty. Kevin had a nice chat with the Tecos racers from Mexico. Georgie rode right past us to sign in and be interviewed. We took in all of the sites and sounds of the expo at the start and then walked backwards around the 10 mile race course, back down to the Central West End, watching the race from both Lindell and Forest Park Parkway. It was amazing to watch the pack easily reel in a 3 minute break.

Can't wait 'til next year!

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