Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Weightlifting Shoes

If you train with a barbell, doing any of the classical movements, I highly recommend weightlifting shoes. You can basically only order them online from distributors, buy them on E-bay, or possibly pick up a pair at a national meet or NSCA or CSCCA national meeting exhibit hall.

Bud Charniga, who distributes Adidas shoes in the US, has a nice article (with GREAT pics) on the history of the weightlifting shoe and why they are essential to the sport of weightlifting. You can see what he has available on his website. Other choices are DoWin , Gold Cup and VSAthletics.


Anonymous said...

Tracy, Gonna have to get a pair. The adidas are certainly the most stylish. Gonna have to decide is looks are worth the increase in price. Thanks for the info! Dan

MarkFu said...

I just got a par of weightlifting shoes, Do-Wins. I love them and the positve difference they make (over Nike Frees). All my lifts seem to work better and I am more stable.

Catherine Imes said...

I've got a pair of DoWins but the heel proved to be a bit much for me (Shoe quality is good and they are certainly more economical). I ended up with Adidas (silver/red) kind that are a little less pricier than the high end ones.