Monday, September 10, 2007

Two of my favorite things!

Yep, Ms. Millie (a.k.a. Methuselah Anne, 127 years old in human years) and my Adidas Equipment shoes. Millie supervised my little workout yesterday. She wasn't impressed--never is, really. I guess I'll have to leap up onto the kitchen or bathroom counter in one cat-like move or something. Not likely. Her power to bodyweight ratio, as expressed by vertical jumping ability, is as good as ever; even though she's experienced some feline sarcopenia. And her paw-eye coordination is still great.


Anonymous said...

Tee hee! I don't think she's very impressed with your shoes, either, although I am. Those rock. Oh,and Princess Millie is the bomb


Anonymous said...

Tracy, Where is a good place to pick up lifting shoes? Anything local? Websites? Thanks, Dan Thacker

Joe P. said...

When I was single, I had a cat named Patches. Hung out with me during my 5am workouts, and kept my feet roasty toasty on cold winter nights. I used to toss him balls of aluminum foil, and he would retrieve and return them- very unusual behavior for a cat. A real companion. I miss him.