Saturday, December 08, 2007


I had the privilege of dining with Ursula Garza and John Thrush last weekend, both accomplished and well respected international-level coaches. On the way back from dinner, we were talking about the need for athletes to train with a deliberate mindset--to be methodical and care about technique with every repetition. Sometimes younger athletes have difficulty appreciating that. This pursuit of excellence pays off at game time, when the stakes are high.

In a weightlifting competition, it is a game of centimeters and milliseconds; technical excellence and consistency is of paramount importance. You only get three chances, so don't waste even one of them. Make each lift count. Here are a few still images showing the slight differences between a made lift and a missed lift. Some are from this weekend, while others are from previous meets.

An aside: The most gratifying aspect of sitting for three days and recording this video--then sitting for many more days and playing with it--is helping athletes learn from their competitive experience. If even a few are able to make corrections and improve their performance, or gain confidence by seeing improvement in their lifting, it is all worth it.

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Anonymous said...

Great job! Thanks for sharing. It is very interesting to see your analysis. I agree with methodical in your training. I always like to focus and visualize a perfect lift before I grip the bar.