Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sunday's Functional Path

Take 6-8" of snow. Find your shovel. Add some slushy, icy car tracks in and out of the garage from this morning. Equals one serious functional training session, a.k.a 50 minutes of continuous hell. Do it before or while the sun shines directly on the pavement. I waited too long and did not get the benefit of the sunlight to melt the remnants. Lesson learned.


tjs said...

I'm glad to learn someone else counts their ice/snow shoveling as a workout session. ;-) Love your site.

Franz Snideman said...

Snow shoveling is brutal! I grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico where it snowed alot! I have had my share of involuntary snow workouts!

Catherine Imes said...

It is brutal and to think I missed it because I was lifting KBs in Cincinnati. Maybe I should have stayed here....

The person staying at my house shoveled the sidewalk and the steps. I'm in the,I've got a detached garage and no drive way.

Fortunately, they had the interstates clear before I started the drive home yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Snow shoveling is for the birds. I can remember how easy it was. Who can not handle snow shoveling? Only the weak would complained. How can it be hard?

Sure this is my brain is telling me prior to the shoveling shoveling shoveling that wonderful packed snow. 15 minutes into hitting that white ice pack snow, not only my legs/back/arms are crying, but my lungs were screaming and my heart wants to jump out of my body as in the movie "Aliens".