Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Dietary Detours

Now, those of you in the know, know I'm a pretty strict vegan--who drinks very little beer. In Spain, it is quite a challenge to keep a meat, dairy, egg-free (and mostly gluten-free) diet. Pork, seafood, cheese and bread are staples in Barcelona.

So, I have fallen back a bit on my Cape GarageDoor (Cape Girardeau, MO) roots and partaken of some the local offerings. Sometimes a girl has to eat. And the beer is cheaper than the water; and you eliminate contributing to the massive garbage pile of small plastic bottles by ordering a small beer from the house tap, rather than a bottle of water.

Go ahead, Burgener, laugh it up! I'll make sure I have another cold one for ya tomorrow at breakfast. After the cafe' solo. My mom is now a cava junkie, I think.

So, in the order of appearance: 10:30 breakfast snack of an egg omelet and cafe con leche, followed by a half a tuna sandwich and a small beer.

2:00 pm: A ham and cheese sandwich with a cerveza con limonade. If you've never had a beer with limonade, I recommend trying it.

5:00 pm: A snack of a beer and patatas bravas. Now, ususally these potatos aren't cut like french fries, but these were. And they have a tomoto/olive oil/garlicky sauce on them.

Not sure what's for dinner, but have leftovers from last night--big salad and stirfry. Now, you can find great veggie options at the fresh markets, like La Boqueria. But at the local joints, its a little more tough. So, when in Spain, I'll eat a little bit like a local.


Joe P. said...

What's the smoking situation like in Spain? Did they ban it from restaurants and bars yet?

The Iron Maven said...


It is officially banned in bars and restaurants here, but it is not enforced. Most places have a sign telling you whether or not they allow smoking.

Supposedly 1/3 of Spaniards smoke. It seems like 3/4. There are a few places that don't allow smoking, like the Metro.