Thursday, June 26, 2008

Headroom Therapy

My own personal therapy session. Felt the need to go through the vaults and see what was there. Some of my favorite clips from the past two years.


Anonymous said...

Hey, this video is really cool, especially when you're able to isolate the weightlifter and show multiple images (ghost images) while the spectators don't move. Very cool!

The music is annoying, though--definitely need better music for such a great video.


The Iron Maven said...

Well, Alex, I like the tune, so sorry--you'll have to mute it. I figured there would be people who didn't like it, but it went well with slow motion stuff. And FWIW, it is free of copyright restrictions for use on YouTube.


Anonymous said...

I muted the music; sorry to sound shrill about it. But, really, it's a kick-ass video. Just seemed like you needed some rock or something.

You've got to do more of those ghost images--that's really cool and helps one compare the lifts.

Did you know MagnaTunes is based out here in Berkeley? The founder is an interesting guy and it's great what he's trying to do.

The Iron Maven said...

No worries.

The "ghost" images are called Simulcam. It is a patented Dartfish technology that works well with weightlifting. You basically blend two clips, one on top of the other.

The Magnatunes site is very cool. I have some of their music. They give away one free song a day; Money Day Be was one of those songs.

Steve Caddy said...

This is fantastic! It's awesome to see so clearly the difference between a good lift and a miss.

The Iron Maven said...

Thanks Steve. And thank you for putting up pics of the Pastel Blue Baum Romano. That is one of the most striking bikes I've ever seen. I want one someday!

Jamie said...

Truly fantastic video! Love the ghosting.