Tuesday, December 02, 2008

My Girl

Sidewinder. Schlinkhaus. Jingles. Lady. Boney Cat. Skinny McMinny. Girl. We called her everything but Millie. She was sassy and surly; she was Miss Independent. She was my companion for 18 of her 20 or so years on this earth; for all of my adult life. The last few years, she couldn't hear a damn thing, but she made sure we heard her. She left us on Friday, November 28.

She was the alpha cat and knew it. When she rounded the corner downstairs to join the rest of us to watch a movie, we would hum Darth Vader's Imperial March. Murphy Fober knew he had better make room for his superior. Her hisses at him were legendary. And most of our human friends approached her with respect. She wasn't exactly Ms. Congeniality (and neither am I), but she did mellow a bit after losing her hearing. My mother and sister were often told to talk to the paw. But she loved the Athletic Director; and she knew who the real alpha cat was. I could get that cat to do anything and I could carry her around however I liked.

I found her in November of 1990 at the downtown Chicago ASPCA. She was so beautiful and athletic--a great pingpong ball player and leaper. Her little white paws and belly were lovely. She loved to sit on my lap or next to the laptop and observe. She would follow the cursor arrow and paw at it. And then she would sneeze all over the screen. I will miss my girl.


Anonymous said...

She's a beauty!


Joe Przytula said...

I am so sorry. Did you have to put her down Tracy, or did she pass away? My cat Patches has been gone for 13 years now, and I still think about him all the time.

Elizabeth Wehrle said...

It is moments like this that I truly wish I were better with words. Please know that I am so sorry for your loss.


Anonymous said...


Millie. She really was your companion, wasn't she? She's been with you during many stages of your life and how great it is that you had each other.

I think the hardest part about loving someone is saying "goodbye." She's a part of you, though, in your memories and how you tell stories about her.

You gave each other great memories!

Alex (and Elmo)

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry. Please accept my condolences.

There's something special about pets and pet-love. On the one hand, they're not people. On the other hand, I think it's a simpler kind of love we give them. I've been rocked hard by losing pets. Be well. Please accept my sympathies.

The Iron Maven said...

Thanks, everyone, for your thoughts. We had to take her to the vet. I wanted her to pass at home, but that stinker's heart kept it up while the liver could not.