Monday, January 05, 2009

Alert: For Weightlifting Geeks Only

When a weightlifting coach talks about "pulling under" or "shrugging down" against the bar, this is what s/he is talking about. Not a skill many other athletes need to learn, but one of the most important skills for the competitive weightlifter. Note the feet remain in contact with the platform as the barbell continues to move upward and the athlete begins to move down. This particular lift was a successful 155 kg clean and jerk by Jake Johnson (69 kg) at the 2007 National Junior Championships.


Anonymous said...

Excellent capture to illustrate proper pulling under technique.

Thanks for finding that.

Anonymous said...

"Alert: For Birthday Girls Only"

Tracy, Happy Birthday on Tuesday, the 6th. It's great to finally be 30, heh! Your life is just beginning.

Thanks for such a great blog--informative, incisive, thought-provoking, and scientific in your approach. We need more people like you!

Happy Birthday!


Kristof said...

Very nice shrug!

In general I can't say that I'm a fan of the flat-footed pull. From what I've seen in the lab, a flat-footed pull leads to a higher than normal hip extension moment, a lower knee extension moment, and almost eliminates the ankle extension moment (all internal moments btw). However, if you have stronger hip extensors than knee extensors it may not be detrimental I suppose.

Also, a flat-footed can affect the vertical kinematics of the pull. Some models suggest that this shortens the pull by ~5% and leaves the lifter having to do more 'work' during the flight phase of the bar. But, with a great shrug and pull-under you may be able to produce that extra work.

Any other thoughts on pulling flat-footed?!

lifting iron said...

There has to be something incredible about it.