Friday, April 03, 2009

Friday Notes

Typing this on my new pink--yes, I said pink--Lenovo S10 netbook. Still getting used to the keyboard, but it is a pretty nifty little machine. Purchased it with upgraded 7200 RPM 320 gb hard drive, bluetooth and 2 gb RAM. Chose the Lenovo because it is the only netbook with an express card slot, which allows me to run Dartfish with one camera. Super, ultra-portable video analysis. The only hiccup is the screen resolution is slightly less than Dartfish likes, but so the full-screen display gets quirky. But the video replay comes out just fine.

Heading down to the Scott Trade Center tomorrow to watch the Final Four women practice. The session is free and open to the public from 11-4. My girl AJ bought me a ticket to the championship game on Tuesday. Should be a fun time!

So did anybody think my April Fools post was funny?

Started working with the Incarnate Word girls basketball team this week. Right now we have 8 young women who are focused on gaining strength, mobility and better movement skills. Our first two sessions have been in a hallway, as the gym is set up for the school auction. The weightroom is quite small and has two selectorized circuit gyms and 5 treadmills, so there very little room to do much in there.

The athletic facilities at IWA (all girls) are in stark contrast to those at DeSmet (all boys). Where there are men, football and baseball, athletic facilities will be a priority, whether the school is co-ed or male only. At IWA, there is no track--there is no home football/soccer field--and there are no home fields; the soccer team uses a park field behind the school. There is a golf course across the street from the school and there are modest subdivisions around the rest of the school, so there is no real room to expand There are several tennis courts, a theater and a dance studio, but that is it. Back in the 1920s, when IWA was founded, there was no reason to have athletic fields for girls, right?

In contrast, the men at DeSmet have purchased several acres of land in the last 10 years for 2 additional grass practice fields, rebuilt the baseball stadium, put in a brand new Field Turf main stadium field and are getting ready to lay a brand new Mondo Track (same one as in Beijing) with a fully automatic timing system . I am gonna say they have invested over $5 million dollars in outdoor athletic facilities since we have been around (1995). Now there is only one gym, no pool (swimming and water polo) and no tennis courts; but most of the 40 or so club and varsity teams have nice digs. Ultimate frisbee and rugby get to play on the same new turf field that football, soccer and lacrosse get to use.


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Mark said...

So did anybody think my April Fools post was funny?

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