Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Ultimate Tool for Strength and Health

People often ask me what the secret to my personal fitness and athletic prowess is. I tell them I make good food choices, get enough sleep and train regularly--with free weights, kettlebells, bodyweight exercises and on the bike. However, there is one thing I have recently added to my regimen, and to the programming for my athletes, that is making one hell of a difference.

Creatine? No. Crossfit? No. Rowing? No. Glutamine? No. The Zone Diet? Nada.

It's the Roller Racer.

This is the ultimate tool for lower extremity mobility, core stability and overall work capacity. PB&J, The Thin Man--this is the secret to the success of these athletes on the court. Wanna squat alot? Get your Roller Racer on. Wanna increase your snatch numbers, GS athletes? Roller Racer. I've got an appointment with Cate Imes tomorrow and I guarantee she'll set PRs in Chicago this summer after she incorporates the Roller Racer into her training plan.

At 6' 10" and 235 lbs, PB&J Pierson lacked explosiveness during his junior campaign. After using the Roller Racer this winter, he's put 6 inches on his vertical! The word is out and DI basketball programs throughout the country are clamoring for this kid. His bodyfat is down to 12%, his standing long jump is 10 ft, his mile time is down to 5:05 and he now benches 225 for 25 reps. You can see pics of PB&J below doing Roller Racer Tabata Intervals. They exhaust him, but he knows the effort will pay off in the long run.

The athletic directors of several prominent St. Louis private high schools have inquired about Roller Racers for their football and basketball programs. I have told them all that this would be a tremendous asset to the athletic development of their student athletes.

For me personally, the Roller Racer has been a real eye-opener. At 40, I'm now leaner and more fit than ever. I'm packing a a 27-inch waist, a 12-pack and some serious guns. In fact, several people have approached me to enter the 2010 Arnold IFBB contest.

If you want to take your personal fitness and the development of your athletes to the next level, then you need to invest in the Roller Racer.


Dan Hubbard, M.Ed. said...

Is that from the maker of "The Perfect Squat" or "The Perfect Sit-up?"

The Iron Maven said...

It's actually a scooter for grade school and adaptive PE. And a fun April Fool's. It is fun to play with, though.

Anonymous said...

Roller Racer...heck I remember roller racer. Love those bad boys.

Class of 1978 Silver Bay Elementary School, Toms River, NJ.


Matt S said...

LOL! hilarious.

Not too far off though -- some of gimmicky products out there are probably just about as useful!

You should sell this on an infomericial ;) lol.