Thursday, October 04, 2012

Mitch: Indian Club Ninja

I've introduced indian clubs to all of my athletes. The volleyball guys have really embraced them. Personally, I think they are a fantastic modality for developing and maintaining shoulder girdle health for the overhead athlete. Imagine an entire volleyball team on the court, prior to the timed warm up, facing the other team while doing a scripted indian club warm up in concert. Besides giving the athletes a thorough shoulder warm up, I think it would give the other team something interesting to think about.

6' 9" Mitch Penning, USA Volleyball Youth National Team member and Pepperdine recruit, demonstrates his new-found mastery of the clubs. Mitch learned a few of the basics with me, but then taught himself the more advanced movements by taking home the instructional DVD (by Ed Thomas) and practicing on his own for a day or two. The results are impressive.


Unknown said...

Hi Tracy,

Any advice on where to get Indian clubs for beginners? What weight, how many clubs, etc.? Thanks!


James Marshall said...

Good work, I have been using them for about 4 years and really think they are a good antidote to just pressing.
Use them woth all striking. racquet players and throwers.

James Marshall said...

Nice work. I have been using them for several years, first started with golfers, then add them to throwers/ strikers too.