Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Collegiate School: Athletic Development Done Right

The video above is by Coach Adam Moss of The Collegiate School in Richmond, VA. Collegiate is one of the few schools I know of to have a dedicated athletic development staff and program. It is so exciting to see these young women getting the instruction and physical opportunities they need to stay healthy and be successful athletes.

You will notice that the facilities at Collegiate are very, very nice. As a fun side note, I am very happy to say Collegiate has 5 Hexlite Training Bars. But that's not what sets this program apart.  It is the people at Collegitate--their vision and dedication to the long-term physical health of the students--that separates Collegiate from many others. These professionals are focused on the process of developing the athlete, not simply on short-term outcomes or performance.

High school coaches of boys and girls, this is the type of comprehensive work that should form the foundation of secondary school physical health and sports performance.

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