Thursday, August 17, 2006

Back From Nationals

Finally getting back on track after 5 days in Shreveport, LA (1300 miles in the car) at the USA Weightlifting National Championships. This picture is from the 48 kg weight class. There were several American records broken and attempted. Many impressive performances. I've posted two records on YouTube if you'd like to see them:

Natalie Woolfolk's 118 kg Clean & Jerk

Doreen Fullhart's 106 kg Snatch

General highlights can be found here. By posting these, I hope to educate those of you unfamiliar with weightlifting on the athleticism (power, mobility, strength) these athletes possess. It is too bad the mainstream media only focuses on the larger weightclasses every four years. Even though the bigger people lift more absolutely, it is the smaller weightclasses that lift more relative to bodyweight. I'll talk more about that at some point.

Almost forgot: There were no major injuries at this event. Just a note for those who fear the barbell--and that arms overhead lifting and knees over the toes thingy/squat below parallel thingy.

Other notes:

1. AJ is doing well in cross country practice.

2. An article in the local suburban rag told the tale of a 14U softball team that won an AFA title. They played 10 games over 3 days to come back from the loser's bracket. Only had one pitcher for all 10 games because the other girl was injured. Go figure. The article also notes this 14U team played (and won) a handfull of 18U tournaments, playing over 90 games this summer (were only shut out three times). And in Missouri, these girls now go right into the fall high school softball season. No time to rest for the champion, right?

3. The Floyd Landis situation is just unbelievable.

More soon.

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