Monday, August 21, 2006

I hate it when it hurts to walk

Detraining is a terrible, terrible thing to experience. Back in action with 10s (> bodyweight, but nowhere near previous levels) in the squat rack yesterday and my quads are screaming. Now, one might wonder why a bright person like myself would do such a thing.

It's actually very informative from a functional perspective. The R leg (subjected to a total medial menisectomy and knee athrotomy circa 1979--see above) continues to need single leg remedial work. It is smaller than the L and when push come to "push harder" it relies on the L to do the work. I can distinguish the difference in soreness, just as I perceive my L leg doing the work during the latter reps of the set. The neuromuscular journey continues. Anyone care to suggest additional single leg work to help remediate the situation?

On a more fun note--AJ is BACK! Ms. Studly is working hard at practice; she is the bane of her teammates existence as she easily knocks off the 20 total push ups (usually in 3 sets of 7--perfect form) the coaches want them to do. Her teammates barely get 5 sets of 1. Her ankle and hip flexibility continues to improve and she shows progress with pressing movements.

Stay tuned for the new guy--we'll call him TJ. Junior-to-be volleyball player. Tall, good all-around player, but needs fundamental physical work to build some power, agility and quickness on the court. Dad and son have the right attitude. It should be fun.

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