Tuesday, August 29, 2006

First Race of the Season: AJ Reports In

Hot off the email wires:

I think the good karma worked, the race went really really well. I came in second place overall! My time was 12:59, the course was pretty flat but there were a few really small hills. It felt good racing again but I forgot how much the two mile hurts. I'm pretty happy with my time, it's not far off of my track time and it was off road. My team did really well, we came in third place.


Woohooooo! Not bad for the first race--a two mile Fleet Feet/Nike special event--of her JUNIOR year. Who says endurance athletes, especially chicks, don't benefit from strength training??

This athlete has shown nothing but quiet determination since day one. When her practice was cancelled by storms on Saturday, AJ went out by herself and did two 2 mile race pace efforts, with the first one at 13:15, on a park course that featured two moderately large hills. How many high school juniors would take it upon themselves to make up that practice--on a Saturday evening????

And every week she keeps setting push up PRs. We even had a big ol' total body workout on Sunday. Just wait 'til she actually tapers, baby....

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