Thursday, September 21, 2006

AJ & TJ Update

Joe P. emailed to inquire about AJ. She’s doing very well—no shin splints or anything. Works with me one day per week and 2x on her own, assuming she has one competition on Friday or Saturday each week. Here are her results thus far (keep in mind she was 101/164 last fall at the Missouri 3A State Championships with a 22:55 5k as a sophomore, on a hilly course):

Fleet Feet Nike Run

2 miles

2nd of 100


First Capitol Run


15th of 250


MICDS Invitational


7th of 96


Lutheran North Inv


6th of 100


We are looking to 5 weeks or so of continued strength improvement. Right now, AJ is working on not going out too fast, but really coming on strong in the last mile. At the Lutheran North race, she negative split the mile 3 vs mile 2. I monitor her as best I can to make sure we are not over-working her with school/practice/competition/weight training.

The 2006 Missouri State Championships are on November 4th, on a hilly course. The 3A girls run at 9 am, which she is happy about.

TJ has his big tryouts this Sunday. He has gained some good fundamental strength all over, but really needs some serious work over a whole year or more as he is 6’ 1” and still 150 lbs. I have talked with him about eating more/better several times—and then today he tells me Mr. Sherrock gave him 4 donuts in chorus class! Only in a boy’s high school would a teacher bribe a student to sing a solo for $2 and 4 stale donuts. TJ said he saved one for today’s post-workout snack. Right idea, wrong choice, eh?

He is moving better in all directions, but would benefit from consistent agility work throughout the year as well. We’ll spend our last session working on better footwork at the net with blocking and approaches (better efficiency). Along with just moving faster and more powerfully. He is definitely more aware of how he moves now and more confident in his abilities. Furthermore, he realizes his hyper-mobile R shoulder needs consistent work and proper lower body mechanics to handle the volume/intensity of hitting and play he wants to achieve. I'm trying my best to get the boy hip to the shoulder.

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