Friday, September 08, 2006

At the OTC

I'm at the Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center, taking a coaching course. It has been very refreshing to interact with the other professionals here. It is not often I get to be around so many other women who enjoy sport, especially weightlifting and weight training in general.

The other neat thing is getting to watch the resident weightlifting athletes train! Since the World Championships are at the end of this month, it is even better as many athletes are hitting heavy lifts at this time.

We did some practical stuff this afternoon--and it was hysterical to have tourists press their faces up against the window, staring at us lifting! Pretty sad if our little group would be mistaken for elite athletes! I am very happy to be the weakest woman in the room--good motivation to keep working hard.

I will post more as I have time, but this is a highlight from todays 2nd training session. Natalie Woolfolk made two personal records today, after a morning workout, squatting at > 90%. Very impressive!

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