Monday, September 18, 2006

OT: She's Always Your Mom

Your mom is always your mom no matter how old you are. Got this email this morning, after not yet returning my mom's call from this weekend:

dear tracy,
how are you doing? I have been worried about you and hoping you were okay and not sick after eating spinch. I told Angie you were probably in the hospital unconcise. Please call me and let me know me kown if everything is everything is okay, or if you are just busy. tell Kevin and the kids hi and that i love them very much. i have a suprise to tell you , I got something new. call me when you can. love g

So I called her today and told her I wasn't unconscious and in the hospital from eating E.coli infested spinach or spinch (or unconcise either, although I have probably been known to be unconcise, but I wouldn't want my mom to know those stories). You gotta love your mom, spelling/grammar errors and all.

Hi G! We love you! Tracy, Kevin, Millie and Murphy

These furry people are very helpful when blogging.

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