Tuesday, September 19, 2006

More OT: Wasabi Makes Everything Better

Sorry no exercise training stuff right now--I'm inundated with Dartfish training this entire week.

I had a long, but satisfying day training the great staff at St. John's Sports Medicine. These people get it. They know how to integrate video into their practice--not simply to say they use technology, but to use it to improve patient care.

After 8 hours of talking almost straight and troubleshooting hardware conflicts, I was ready to decompress and clear the mind. Needed to just be quiet and close my eyes a bit before dinner.

Headed down to a local Japanese restaurant for a perfect end to the day. The soft music and the gentle boats gliding in front of me at the sushi bar floated away all stress. I feasted on a beautifully presented plate of seaweed salad, veggie rolls (radish, avocado, cucumber) and avocado rolls.

As I was finishing my tea, Mr. Locutus of Borg Jr. walked in. He was immediately recognizable by his glowing blue electronic ear piece. Did you know the Borg drink Miller Lite? He ordered some sushi to go. Was he going to order me to assimilate and acquire a blue tooth accessory on my body? I kept my eye on him.

Is it just me, or does anyone else think people who walk around with blue glowing electronics attached to their ear look really stupid? Or like the Borg? Sorry Cindi Lou, but if anyone EVER sees me with one of those things on my ear, you have my permission to slap me silly.

I will not assimilate.

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