Wednesday, November 14, 2007

For Orie & Dan

Fellas, your hard work is paying off. Keep at it. Now here's some fun. These are sequence shots of under-17 national record holder, Kelly Lynch (69 kg), at the 2006 American Open, successfully lifting 86 kg. No arm-pulling! "Beeg legs" and "all the way up" as her coach, Boris says!

And here's the video from that performance:


Anonymous said...

Tracy, Thanks for the encouragement. You are a great coach. I'm getting the feel slowly but surely. I didn't expect to learn this stuff quickly so I'm pleased so far. I need to start practicing more frequently. I know I'm not pulling with the arms as much. The elbows (bicep tendons) are not aching tonight. Funny about Orie! I guess I should have said something.

Orie S said...

Thanks, Tracy! It's amazing what a few weeks with a great coach will do. Those stills and video were great. It was all there. She's really impressive.