Tuesday, November 20, 2007

To My Patients Who Bring Cell Phones to Their Physical Therapy Appointment


Catherine Imes said...


Are you planning to retire before the kids today grow up? If not, you may find yourself strangling some people during your sessions.

Cell phone stuff like that is only going to get worse. For those of us that grew up without them or have spent the last 10 years incarcerated, we can get by with not having them when we go to the restroom. I remember that up until 3 years ago, I didn't even carry one on my person (you know it got in the way of my gun). I would keep it in my glove box for road emergencies. Of course, now I'm as guilty as anyone in terms of having it, but I did turn mine off during your workshop :)


Anonymous said...

i make the kids in our class turn em off. if i hear one ring, it gets the 45# plate test. really, it is totally rude and dirsupting.