Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Leg Circuits for Breakfast--YUM!

I put together some workout suggestions for the DeSmet v-ball coach re: pre-season workouts. Now, ideally, the kids would have started this stuff a while back, but several play football and most play club all year round so it is tough to not overload them. Anyway, the boys always lament Coach Mrs. Fober showing up in the weight room, because they know they will have to actually work. And work they did, from 6:30 to 7:30 am.

Thanks to Vern Gambetta for showing me the value of various squat series and leg circuits, way back in 1998! Perfect for team workouts and for young athletes who need to build a good base, without any equipment but maybe a med ball, plate or a dumbbell.

Of course, we had to share the weight room with a few young football players, who bestowed upon us their killer workout, while also poking fun at my guys for actually having the balls to work up a sweat. Here's what two kids actually did:

1. Enter the weight room
2. Walk directly to a bench press station
3. Place a 45# plate on each end of the barbell
4. With partner spotting, complete about 5 reps
5. Repeat for 3 sets
6. Exit the weight room

'Tis a shame so many young guys fall into this trap.

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Andrew said...

What's the leg circuit?