Monday, April 28, 2008

New Horizons

Time to embark on some new projects and move in new directions. Please check out my revised website. Thanks to everyone who gave me feedback on it. I'm sure it will continue to evolve. And a special thanks to Kelly and Daniel for all of their work.


Catherine Imes said...

New Site looks Great.


Anonymous said...

Tracy, That is awesome! You are really doing some cool things. Love the new website. Also, what location is the hexbar ad being shot at? Looks like a cool facility!! haha

The Iron Maven said...

That would be, the ever-so-awesome CrossFit Des Peres Emporium of Hard Work! People should check it out. They could learn a few things and maybe even use a HexLite prototype.

And yes, what would I do without you guys? Thanks to Dan and Brandon at CrossFit Des Peres for taking space and making it available for me, and many others to use for fitness, fun and R & D!

dave said...

is there going to be more than just advertisments for things you are selling?

Anonymous said...

Great looking site. THought about your movement evaluation today as I was talking with one of our PT's. Can really see the benefit of movement analysis with younger athletes. We were talking about the hip flexor strains we see in many of the high school soccer players who come to us for training. My PT friend was looking at the tightness of the Illio-Psoas and the weakness through the core especially in the glutes. Any thoughts from your experience.
Tim Clark

The Iron Maven said...


Thanks for the kind words. With regard to hip flexor strains, I am not sure if there are any specific patterns of weakness/inflexibility to automatically look to. Overall hip mobility and strength likely play a role, along with some body awareness issues with general running mechanics. I guess it would be informative to know if there are issues with their acc/dec and full speed/lat movement mechanics. I think it is hard to get the info you need with a static evaluation; having space to watch people move is essential. Now if I only knew more about how people should move!