Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Rubber Band Man: Encore Presentation

The Olympic Trials are quickly approaching for US weightlifters. The top 30 men and women will compete in Atlanta, GA May 16 and 17; the women for 4 spots and the men for 2 spots. At this time, Mr. Kendrick Farris, American record holder in the 85 kg class, is the #1 ranked male in the US with 91.5036% of his respective qualifying total. It should be a battle royale among the men for those two precious spots. Go here to see all of the Olympic Trial competitors and their current rankings.

In the meanwhile, please enjoy this blast from the past--Kendrick's record-breaking performance in the clean and jerk, during the 2006 American Open. His "spluat" style (half split half squat) jerk and crazy shoulder flexibility may be unorthodox; but it might just take him all the way to Beijing. Check out his LSU-Shreveport page for a really neat video of Kendrick. It is amazing to see how he has grown and progressed over 10 years.


Anonymous said...

On his attempt at 198 kg, after he finishes, what does he do to the weights? Did he write something on them? Somebody threw him something, but can't tell what it is.


The Iron Maven said...


A teammate threw him a blue magic marker and he signed the plates. I think he was imitating Terrell Owens, but I'm not sure which football player did something similar recently.

The guy who threw him the marker specifically asked me to keep the video running on his C&J and said Kendrick had something special planned if he broke the record.