Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Joe P. on Shin Splints

Great post by Joe P. on that thing called shin splints. And the truth shall set us free!


Anonymous said...

hello tracy, i have a question.
are you saying that all "shin pain" is a stress fracture or a possible stress fracture. if that is the case i would have to disagree.

The Iron Maven said...

No. The main idea, for me, is that one needs to remove the cause of the stress and fix the mechanics. If you don't assess the movement and mechanics issues, then you will be unlikely to prevent further stress to that area of the body. Whether it is or will become a stress fracture is not the main point for me; the main point is that this part of the body is telling us there are issues with force reduction mechanics and the ability of the body to handle the sport tasks. Gotta fix the movement.

Far be it from me to diagnose any such things!