Sunday, October 19, 2008

On the Road Again

Did my first 50+ mile ride today in at least 4 years. It was a beautiful morning, about 50 degrees when we started. Rode from the Valley out Wild Horse Creek, up Ossenfort then through St. Albans and back onto the newly paved (Old or New?) Tavern Rd. Then hit Fox Creek up to Six Flags and Allenton Rd into Greensfelder Park. Found our way back to Wild Horse via Rockwoods and took the flats back into the Valley. Lots of church and pumpkin traffic through the flats. Not my favorite place to be on a bike on Sunday, but we made it. The ride took a little more than 3 and 1/2 hours; max HR of 182 and avg. of 144. Sorry, no power meter data to geek out on.

It is humbling to drag yourself back into shape, with any sport or activity. Slowly but surely it gets easier; but it is never easy. It is definitely more fun to have a steady wheel to follow and friends to give encouragement when the road rises steeply ahead of you. PJ and Joe didn't make it a hammerfest; for that, I'm quite grateful.

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Trihardist said...

50 miles is nothing to sneeze at. No halfway on getting back into biking shape for the Iron Maven!