Sunday, October 12, 2008


USADA Alert for All Athletes in the Registered Testing Pool (formerly Out of
Competition Testing Pool)

Please be advised of the new USADA changes coming into to effect. Starting November 1, 2008,
USADA will require ALL Whereabouts Filings -- formerly called Athlete Location Forms (ALFs)
to be submitted via the athletes’ online account on USADA’s website at Hard
copies of the Whereabouts Filing will no longer be available.

One of the new Whereabouts Filing requirements is the “60-minute time slot”. Athletes in the
Registered Testing Pool must submit a 60-minute time slot for each day in the quarter between
the times of 6 am-11pm. If the 60-minute time slot changes, athletes are responsible to make sure their Whereabouts Filings are updated. It is suggested by USADA that this time slot is routine as possible.

When locating an athlete for testing, the Doping Control Officer (DCO) will make a reasonable
attempt based on the information given for each day. Please be aware that as of January 2009,
DCOs will NOT make phone calls, in accordance with the International Standards of Testing.
A Missed Test will occur if an athlete has:

A) A Filing Failure, which comprises of:
1) No submission of Whereabouts Filing
2) No 60-minute window is indicated
3) Your Whereabouts Filing is inaccurate or incomplete. If this occurs, a declared Filing Failure will be shared with WADA and the International Weightlifting Federation.

B) Athletes are only subject to a Missed Test if they are NOT available during the 60-minute time slot.

Note: 3 Whereabouts Filing Failures within any 18 month period will result in an Anti-Doping
Rule Violation,

For those athletes in the Registered Testing Pool (RTP) for Quarter 1 2009, the “Athlete’s
Advantage” Online Tutorial will be mandatory and all athletes will be required to successfully
complete four tutorials prior to submitting their 1st Quarter Whereabouts.

In addition, please be advised that the new list for Prohibited Substances is available online at: It includes a summary of modifications and the monitoring list.

For more information, please visit USADA’s website at:

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Sean said...

Is this really the only way there is to seriously pursue anti-doping? I'm afraid we've gone too far into invasion of privacy with this. If this is OK in sports then we should institute similar restrictions on politicians.