Thursday, October 02, 2008

Mindless Masochists Need Not Apply

"So, are you just killing that big kid?" Grin. Hehehe....

Someone asked me that the other day, as PB&J was getting ready to train. I am not the dominatrix type; nor do I just prescribe exercise for punishment. I don't derive any pleasure from making people suffer. I do find it gratifying to help people succeed, whether it is getting that first good push up or making a college team.

I motivate people to work hard and do things correctly because I earn their trust and I get them to invest in themselves; on a physical and intellectual level. I let them know why we are doing what we are doing, and how it will impact their performance goals. I document daily/weekly successes and give them positive feedback. They start to get it. I don't have to intimidate or call anyone derogatory names to get them to work hard. I don't yell. Mindless masochists need not apply for my assistance.


Anonymous said...

Tracy, Come on...I've seen you walk in with whips and chains!!! haha. I get comments like that alot. They see my clients working hard and they have no idea what we are doing. I try to find a blend of calm instruction and encouragement through tougher workouts. I agree that teaching instead of just training is so much more and feedback is so important. You do a great job with the big man.

Fitness Insights said...

Hey Tracy - just wanted to say good for you - it is obvious you take this very seriously but even more obvious that you care enough to be focused on people more than their pb's - kudos to you sister!

Jamie Atlas
Author: Fitness Insights