Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Process or Outcomes Oriented?

Is your training, or your philosophy of training others, process oriented or outcomes oriented? Is the what, why, when, how put into the context of a bigger picture or larger goal? Or do you just attempt to super-size each workout and if you (your client) survive(s), then it is mission accomplished?

People often wonder why progress stalls, performance lags or injuries creep up. Many times, these issue can be traced back to poor planning and a focus on outcomes vs. process. When working with competitive athletes, the athletic development coach must focus on process. It is about comprehensive development, not just getting stronger, bigger or faster as measured by some test. Sport coaches, particularly youth team coaches, and fitness professionals in this country tend to get caught in the outcomes trap. They fail to get the big picture and help the people in their care understand what the big picture is all about.

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