Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The J

My friends know I'm a minimalist when it comes to my own exercise and training. I'm quite happy with a few free weights, some type of pull up apparatus and space in which to move. I have callouses, wear cotton t-shirts and usually have chalk on both by the time I'm finished.

The AD and I tend to train in our home gym; he likes to get on the treadmill and rock out to Queen. Sometimes I get a workout in at CFVP when there is a break in my work schedule there. There I can row, use the rings and throw med balls around--always very cathartic. I also ride my road bike--a lifetime fitness activity I would highly encourage anyone to try.

But the one thing we do not have access to now is a pool. Like road riding, I think swimming is a great lifetime fitness activity for anyone. Water is revitalizing and restorative. But there is no school pool at DeSmet, and the AD refuses to swim at Chaminade, and I don't blame him. They don't take care of the pool and the water/air quality is horrendous. There were many days he had to let the kids out early as they were coughing up lungs during practice. Our hamlet of Creve Coeur does not have a community pool or rec center; and we are not interested in a pool that is a kiddie water park (Maryland Heights). The Center of Clayton is close, but we cannot join since we are not residents; the nearest YMCA is 6 miles away and west of 270. What to do?

Enter the Jewish Community Center in Creve Coeur and the new Staenberg Family Complex! I knew this facility had just been dedicated but it never crossed my mind to check it out until Cindi and I rode our bikes past it last Saturday. We are just 3.5 miles away and now have access to an outdoor 50 m pool and two indoor lap pools! Our membership includes spinning and yoga classes, among many others. There are beautiful, but separate adult/kid locker rooms; and the adult section has a steam room, dry sauna, whirlpool and digital lockers--no keys or locks to deal with!

We had our first swim workout yesterday from 5:45 to 7. No crowds; great whirlpool and sauna afterward. I watched the sun rise from my lane. The AD is giddy to get in the 50 m outdoor pool and get back into swimming. Thank you JCC of STL for a great facility; it is the perfect compliment to our current routines. Our mental and physical health will definitely benefit from your presence in the community.

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