Friday, January 19, 2007

Hex Bar DL vs Squat Mechanics

I've posted previously about using the hex bar deadlift to teach basic triple extension mechanics and proper back management with lifting. Ideally, the athlete will use this lift as an adjunct in training while also using bodyweight squats, back squats, front squats and possibly overhead squats.

See the video here.

This hex bar weighs the same as a traditional 20 kg or 45 lb bar. It is essential to have 45 cm bumper plates to put the bar at a reasonable start position. I have elevated the bar higher off the floor if the athlete has really poor hip/ankle flexibility.

The hex bar deadlift, when done appropriately, really helps the athlete or patient learn what it is to "push" the weight off the floor using the legs, not the back and upper body. I do not use this lift for assessing 1 or 3 RM for anyone.

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Katie said...

Great video! I too am a big believer in the benefits of this exercise. I use these once a week during all of my offseason workouts with my girls. They are especially helpful for taller, long legged girls (VB or BB) that have a hard time doing a parallel squat correctly (without bending too far at the hips to compensate).