Monday, January 08, 2007

Hurdle Improvisation

I don't have any regular size hurdles, so I've improvised with the bar and the rack. I'm sure there's some liability issues with using the equipment in this way (any lawyers out there?) so I'm not openly recommending it for anyone. But it gives me the ability to do this type of warm up mobility work and utilize the potential assessment method suggested by Vern Gambetta in his new book.

JE (pictured above) has good lower extremity mechanics, with just a tad bit of hammy stiffness. Front squats are easier for him than back squats. His throwing mechanics are improving--more accurate passing--according to his coach. He had 4 assists in a 9-2 club team win this past Sat. He is learning great resistance training fundamentals he can take into the high school weight room when he works out independently. He will set the bar and start a trend for his teammates during their dryland/weight room workouts. When he showed his friends his Friday workout exercises, they wanted to know where the bench press was. He just laughed.

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