Friday, April 06, 2007

AJ Update: Steeplechase!

This high school junior is a real go-getter! AJ had the opportunity to try the steeplechase and she loved it! Personally, I think I'd be terrified to confront those barriers. She's having a great time running the lead-off leg of the 4 x 800 and either doing the mile or two mile. Tomorrow she's shooting for a 2:30 in the 800 and 12:30 in the two mile.

She's doing bodyweight work and some work on her own at the Y. Basic stuff.

I'm so excited for and proud of her. She was dreading track and now she's found her niche and seems to be having a blast. She's embraced doing more quality speed work and has overcome her fear of running in front of the crowds. I'm looking forward to watching her run at the All Catholic meet next Saturday.

Woo hoo!

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climber511 said...

As a high school and junior high track coach, I get to see this every year. Kids growing and coming into theirselves as they realize what they can do. It's a rewarding experience and the biggest reason I coach.