Monday, April 30, 2007

Samantha Turnbull: 53 kg Junior & Collegiate National Champion

Check out this feature by CSTV on Sam Turnbull. Sam began lifting in the Spruce Creek High School program in Port Orange, Florida. She is now a resident athlete at the OTC in Colorado Springs and trains under the direction of Bob Morris. Sam recently moved up from the 48 kg class to the 53 kg class and has really improved, getting much stronger. As you will see in the video, she has tremendous natural ability and explosiveness. If she continues with the sport, she will be the heir apparent to Melanie Roach and has the potential for a 2012 and 2016 Olympic team.

Sam will travel to Sicily to compete in the Jurnior International Tournament and then Peru to compete in the the World University Championships later this summer. Go Sam!


Anonymous said...

You go, young lady! Very impressive, very good lifting form.

Derrick said...

I love this girl! But I think American coaches are too quick to move our athletes up weight classes. I was speaking with some Bulgarian lifters and found that it’s actually opposite for them, coaches preferring they move down weight class’s once proper technique and base strength has been built. If you look at someone like Boevski, the USA coaches would have him as an 85kg lifter for sure, yet he could total the same as Kendrick Farris weighing only 69kg.

Having said that, Sam will do great in either weight class, but for a gold medal she may need to follow in Tara's footsteps, not Melanie’s:-)