Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Class

I filled in for the CrossFit DesPeres dudes yesterday. Only 5 brave souls--four hip chicks all under 5' 5" and one tall dude about 6' 5"--dared to seek my wisdom. And it was good.

I challenged them with many new movements. We did some traditional athletic warm-up movements to work on rhythm and coordination. And we did some bodyweight movements that were new to them. Lateral movements, anyone? Each activity was designed to help create body awareness and prepare them for tasks later in the workout.

For skill work, we took to the hex bar and everyone commented on how this type of deadlift allowed them to really use their legs to move the weight, not "pull" with their backs. We boosted the height of the bar for Mr. Tall and it worked well. "So I really shouldn't be doing deadlifts from the floor, should I? I could really feel the difference in my back." Bingo!

The Iron Maven Learn to Lift
TM prototype bar was hit with several of the women who struggle with lower extremity flexibility. Vee haf vays ov making you move better, Comrade!

We finished with circuit of a squat series (modification of Vern's
Spectrum Squat), some dumbbell pressing and cross-over and touch. Nothing fancy. I intentionally kept the focus on learning to move and understanding the purpose of each activity. Everyone seemed to appreciate that.

Thanks, Dan and Brandon, for giving me the opportunity to work with your great clients: Dayna, Sharon, Melissa, Megan and Alex. Now where were the rest of those bums? :-)


Sean said...

It sounds like you had a great class. I'm really bummed I missed it.

The day after my 100 box jumps, I tweaked a muscle in my left hamstring getting out of a chair. Nothing like unusually fatigued muscles for a little gratuitous pain.

Of course, I'm fine now. There's no telling if I needed to take Saturday off or not but I'm back on that horse today.

Anonymous said...

Tracy, Thanks for giving them a taste of some real coaching! haha. Everyone enjoyed your class. Too bad more didn't show up. I guess they were afraid! Thanks again.