Monday, February 25, 2008

RealFit: DJ Dr. Ted and Super Sandy

These peeps are the real deal. They maul and saw giant logs by hand, then go run 4 miles and then do something for fun like ride their MTB tandem in 12-hour races; and that's in between commuting by bike to work. You have never seen people eat like these people can eat. They earn every morsel. And cook! Oh, can they cook! Gotta love DJ Dr. Ted and Super Therapist Sandy for setting the bar on functional fitness and eating well super high. They are two people in the health professions who walk the walk, putting the "applied" in applied physiology and the "physical" in physical therapy. Sing it, Carla!


Anonymous said...

I can't sing that song 'cause I ain't no Lumberjack. I have a jacked lumbar, however (hardy har har). Doesn't Sandy look fetching in her coveralls?
Sigh. They truly are Super Heros in my book. It's an honor to know them.


dave said...

wait, is that a hand truck in the photo? just clean it already!

Jen said...

This picture makes me nostalgic for my teen years. I grew up in Upstate NY, right off the Hudson river. It was cold and we cut our own wood to heat our house and heat our water. I miss the smell of freshly cut wood. I also remember being so strong. Chopping and hauling wood around was what made me strong back then. I never realized until recently that being that strong was a huge part of my success as an athlete. Since I never worked out I just played soccer and ran around in the woods!