Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Good Luck Lifters!

I'll be traveling to lovely Columbus, OH this weekend for the Arnold Expo and nationals. This is a big event--the first qualifier for Beijing. If you're around, stop by and catch some great athleticism and effort. If you can't be there, check this link for the web cast (provided free by Nifty TV) of the event. In between sessions, you should see some fun clips from last year's Arnold and World Team Qualifier, put together by yours truly.


dave said...

where does the Shankle lift compare to other country's lifters for his weight class?

The Iron Maven said...

At the 2007 Worlds, a 423 total won--195 kg snatch and 228 kg clean and jerk. His total this weekend, 346 (158/188) would've placed him last in the B session, about 22nd place.

So the best in his class basically snatch close to what he jerks right now. He is capable of a 365 or more if he can hit 165/200 to 205.

Anonymous said...

Great lift but I must say he shows a lack of class and respect for the sport when he kicks the weights. He did that same classless act at this year's nats after his jerk miss @ 190kg. Disappointing actions to say the least.