Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Beijing or ????

So the Fober family has received the email from CoSport telling us which Olympic tickets we have won in the allocation lottery. We were shut out in our desire to get tickets for track cycling (men's team sprint and M/W pursuit qualifying rounds), swimming (men 200 fly finals--Kevin's event), and a session of volleyball (women prelims). We have 72 hours to accept all, some or none. Do we go to Beijing for 12 days--Mr. Fober will have to leave a bit before I do in order to get back for the start of pre-season--or do we take a trip somewhere else, for a longer period in the summer, say 3 weeks or so and leave this Olympic experience to NBC??? The airfare will cost us nothing, either way.

Here are the tickets we have access to if we wish. The total cost for all of these tickets, plus shipping and fulfillment fee, is only $328. The individual ticket prices range from $5 (water polo prelims) to $34 (A session, weightlifting, highest level ticket available). The M 200 Fly finals tickets would've cost us $103 each!

W 53 kg A & B sessions
W 63 kg A sessions
W 75+ A session
M 85 kg A session
M 105+ kg A session

Water Polo
M Prelims

M Prelims

Volleyball (The REAL volleyball!)
M Prelims

Waddayathink? Who votes for Beijing? Who votes for a 2-3 week junket to Australia, Spain, Switzerland or other wicked cool places?


Catherine Imes said...


I guess it depends on how important it actually is to be at the Olympics.

I recently talked to a guy who just returned from Beijing. I guess they are scrambling to resolve some of the air pollution issues over there before the Games.

Beijing would not be high on my list of places to visit but then again, I haven’t seen much of the world yet. Of course, Riga Latvia wasn’t the first place I thought would be going on my first trip abroad. So, if the KB World Championships were held in Beijing I would be there in a heart beat...face mask and all.

I vote for Australia.

Anonymous said...

Life is short. Australia!! Or anywhere you can go fishing!!! Dan

Aimee said...

I say a vacation!
Get away from sports and treat yourselves to some relaxation!