Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Get an Orientation to Yourself!

A friend just reminded me that a ginormous, privately owned- fitness emporium is about to open a few miles away. It is the size of a mall and promoted as a resort and spa. There are indoor and outdoor pools, manicures, pedicures, granite and cherry appointed locker rooms, full gym basketball courts and luxury yoga/pilates studios and even a poolside bistro. They promote hundreds of square feet of the latest cardio machines and resistance training machines filled with big screen tvs. Heck, you even get a free equipment orientation upon signing up!

But what about an orientation to how YOU work on an everyday basis?

Do you know how to bend your hips and knees when you aren't on the elliptical or seated in some leg press contraption? Do you know why your hamstring inflexibility impacts your back health?

How do YOU move and what adjustments you could make to yourself to develop better musculoskeletal health?


Catherine Imes said...

A pool-side bistro? Now if it was a pool-side bar I would be all over it!

I don't like to mix my manicures with my lifting.

The new gym sounds like Globo Gym out of dodgeball:

(Link may be considered pg-13)


Anonymous said...

a bistro? pedicures? i'm there! i'm at a loss for words really. i don't know how this flooding of mega-gyms can survive. are we that lost?