Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hips & Shoulders

Some elite athletes are able to "catapult" themselves against/under the barbell with their shoulders way behind the bar, i.e. create vertical forces via a horizontal forces. Taner Sagir comes to mind. But when working with beginning athletes and sub-max weight, I think it is important to reinforce driving the hips vertically vs thrusting them forward. This is especially if the athlete has done lots of kettlebell swings with an exaggerated hip thrust or been instructed to squat with an exaggerated hip thrust at the top of the squat.

Any comments from the peanut gallery?


Jen said...

That's so true about the hip thrust. I work a lot with KB's and there's a big difference. With the Oly movements it's up not out. I have to really think about that as I'm cleaning.
Also with the squat it's down almost onto the calfs with the Oly squat not back like with Thrusters or Air squats. Another point with the squat that was made to me was to stay active don't crash down into the "whole" controll down so that you have that power out of the whole. Right?

I'm just learning all this so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong about any of the above.

Catherine Imes said...

IMO, You're not wrong Jen. Kelly Moore has had the same issues with learning/doing the barbell snatch and clean because she learned the RKC swing first. It's a movement that is predicated on activation of the hamstrings/glutes by driving with through the heels. Like Tracy said on Saturday, you would never "Jump" while on your heels..So, there is no doubt that it would create some "motor" confusion for those that want to move between the lifts.

Anonymous said...

i was taught that the rapid hip thrust of the kettlebell swing was part of the "majic" in the movement. i have to say the rapid stretch contraction seemed to strengthen my posterior chain. i do see people thrust too far forward creating a slight hyperextension which is ugly. i extend tall but i still do it very very aggressively. i don't do this when squatting. interesting topic.

Anonymous said...

Is the first picture the catapult with shoulders behind the bar? (When I made the trebuchet analogy, I meant with teh shoulders starting over/in front of the bar.)

I wonder if you can perform some of your ironmaven dartfish magic looking at the line hips travel during the o-lifts, and compare that to k-bell swings.

Jen, see that you did "the bear". Good deal. This a.m. I happened to do 20 min of the bear from the hang (the "hanging, squatting bear in the woods") with half bwt. Great complex.

The Iron Maven said...

His shoulders did start over the bar and ended behind the bar.

I'm planning some Dartfish magic comparisons soon!