Friday, October 12, 2007

Great Sports Coverage...Not!

Last month the St. Louis Post-Dispatch sports editors admitted on their online forum that they weren't going to cover ANY high school boys swim meets this fall, until the state meet in November. Staffing issues, space issues--you know, they just couldn't get to a pre-season preview, so we'll just skip the entire season. Well, there might be blurb in the notebook or the blog.

Coach Fober and DeSmet recently hosted an 8-team invitational at the Rec Plex (site of the MO state meet) that featured KC Rockhurst, SLUH, Springfield Kickapoo, Springfield Glendale--teams that will vie for the state title. Not a word on it.

But this morning, much to my delight, the sports page features an interview with a local high school football lineman--regarding his FAVORITE THINGS TO EAT! Subway vs Penn Station; toasted vs non-toasted sandwiches--the really important stuff. But wait, they forgot to ask him about his favorite movies and music?

Fantasy football garbage. Poker tournament crap. Football kids and fast food. Gotta make sure I save my sports pages for kindling for the fireplace.


Anonymous said...


If you pour a light coat of vegetable oil of that sports page before you use it as kindling, it will burn a bit longer.


Anonymous said...

hold on, are you a St. Louis local?

I find this interesting because I swam for Ladue.

matt palozola said...

this is crap, I used to swim for hazelwood central and its sad how little coverage swimming gets compared to other sports.