Thursday, October 25, 2007

Happy Friday!

Okay, so one more day in the clinic for me and then the WL workshop on Saturday! Whew, I think I'll make it. Actually think I helped a few people move and feel better today. Kinda helps when you have time to listen, communicate, educate and give feedback to your patients.

I am looking forward to meeting and working with Dan, Laurie, Catherine, Milton and the rest of the crew on Saturday. Just got a new 5 kg and 10 kg bar in this week, so we should have a variety of tools to help people learn. Bring your questions, ideas and enthusiasm!

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Catherine Imes said...


You did a fantastic job with the workshop. I picked up some key points and will put them to use.

Thanks to you and Dan for putting this together. I for one would be very interested in a follow up workshop sometime in 2008.