Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wait a minute....

I do own at least one pulley mechanism. Here it is. Occasionally, I will do straight arm pulldowns followed by some tricep pressdowns. But I don't tend to do any lat pulldowns or seated rows. Ok, there; I fessed up. But how many chicks also have their very own full set of bumper plates, a competition certified bar, a pull up bar AND a poster of Dimas?


Pierre Auge said...

Surprisingly Tracy, I know well over a dozen or so.

Maybe closer to 50 if I eliminate the competition bar from the package.

Interestingly enough I partook in a military PT leadership course this weekend instructed by some civilian "experts"! During the gym orientation the instructor noticed that a bar had been left on a bench rack loaded with 135lbs.

This is when I almost coughed up a lung when he said and I quote:

"I hate this kind of thing, if a women came in and wanted to use this bar there is no possible way that she could possibly unload it for her own use without the help of a man."

I shit you not!!! I am a guy, a provincial level lifter here in Canada as well as a Coach and a soldier. I know women the likes of Natalie Woolfolk, Aimee Anaya, Sage Burgener. What erks me even more, is that this is a common sentiment among so called fitness professionals. And it does nothing but hold women from achieving their actual potential. I wanted to punch the gentlemen. Fortunately for his emaciated marathon running butt I was far more restrained in my words and actions.

The Iron Maven said...

Yay Burpees Pierre! A man after my own heart who knows a good gluteus maximus and set of callouses when he sees 'em! Do you know Christine Girard?

Yep, I had a dude once ask me, when I worked for Derrick Crass, if I could pick up the 25 kg Eleiko plate by myself.

Umm...yeah...kinda goes with the territory here, Numbnuts.

Isn't it crazy, Pierre?