Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Big Red Machine

We are awakening the beast within the Big Red Machine, aka Ryan. TBRM posted an 11 kg PR total this past weekend in Springfield and just busted out a 95 kg front squat PR. His goals are to have fun lifting and training with his father while still in high school, competing on the varsity swim and water polo teams. And let's not forget marching band. Oh yeah, it might be fun for the swimmer to break a few of the football team lifting records next year too--with outstanding technique.

We are going to experiment with some of Vern Gambetta's Spectrum SquatsTM and see if we can add a little explosiveness to his 100 free and 100 backstroke starts. TBRM hasn't demonstrated a tremendous amount of natural explosive speed/strength, but I think we are tapping into his natural development at a good time and will be able to get things really firing on all cylinders over the next 18 months.

And lest I forget, TBRM is "old school" in that he lowers the barbell after each lift, as we are training mostly on a mezzanine level at CrossFit Des Peres. He knows how to control and safely lower the barbell, dropping it only for a rare miss.


Sean said...

Those overhead pistols with KB were sick. The Big Red Machine is now my hero. I was lucky to see that in person.

mattapalozola said...

I will say that qauts will definately help with backstroke starts. BUt try jumping squats too withthe bar. I always knew when training started getting hard and i'd have to drop squats so my legs could recover between practices, and then my back stroke starts would strats to go down hill.

Pistols work great too because the rounded back postin in the bottom is very siilar to the start.

Jest don't sacrifice leg endurance for strength because backstroke is all about the legs

Anonymous said...

I love it. TBRM. Funny. Ryan is a great athlete and it's a blast to watch him train. I'll get a vid. up of those pistols. Hard to believe he is a swimmer and water polo player. He looks more like a linebacker! I feel kinda bad that he has to lower the bars. I hate doing it myself, only because my elbows start to ache. Keep it up Ryan! Strong work.

The Iron Maven said...


Lowering the bar sure didn't hurt or limit the abilities of Schemansky, Kono or any of the past World and Olympic champions. It also helps keep the equipment nicer, longer. Thanks for letting us use it.


P.S. The varsity fb coaches are trying to get him to play nose tackle next year. Not gonna happen.