Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Murphy Says "Getcha BIME On"

Basic Infrastructure & Movement Evaluation
(1.5-2 hrs): $125

Knowledge is power. Take a proactive approach to your physical health and performance. Or at the very least, find out why it is so hard for you to rack the bar for a front squat or do a bodyweight squat without leaning so far forward!

This comprehensive screening, appropriate for athletes age 12 and up, takes the athlete through a battery of static and dynamic tests to help direct the fitness and training plan, via an assessment of the following:

Key Aspects of Body Awareness & Alignment


Foundational Strength (let's try something different than "core" strength, eh?)

Basic Exercise Technique (bodyweight & barbell, if necessary)

During this session, I will review your injury and training history, and help you understand how these variables affect your current training plan, performance goals and overall health. CrossFit and SimpleFit athletes will be encouraged to review and discuss specific CrossFit-specific exercises (kipping pull ups, thrusters, air squats, SDHP), as well as barbell/dumbbell/kettlebell movements and technique. Each participant will receive a thorough write-up of the assessment, along with training recommendations that can be shared with a coach or trainer.

Email me @ tfoberATgmailDOTcom for questions.

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T. Larson said...

This evaluation is very useful. I highly recommend it for young and old alike. The Iron Maven does a great job and is very helpful, taking a comprehensive approach to fitness to help you avoid injury while pursuing your goals.

I came away with a new-found confidence in my form and technique as well as key areas to focus on for improvement. My mother-in-law also was given a huge confidence boost in her physical capacities, having never followed a resistance program, she is now making postural and strength improvements to maintain her health and physical activity.

Well worth it.

T. Larson
tclarson at gmail dot com
St. Louis